all the lovin’

As you know, we received our first delivery of groceries from you yesterday, and I just had to say thank you and tell you delighted we were with the feast of foods we received. I returned from a meeting shortly after our teens had started to arrive, so I made a beeline upstairs to see how things were going.  When I walked into the teen room there were young people filling the tables eating and socializing.  
They were so happy, and to be honest, I got a little choked up.  It sounds a little bit crazy, but we know some of our young people struggle with food insecurity at home, and there was something about seeing our kids eating really good quality sandwiches with lettuce and tomatoes that made me a little emotional.
So thank you so much for bringing us this opportunity.  I know that food availability will vary, of course, but I wanted you to know that we really appreciate your work to save food and get it to people who will benefit from it.

-Ann Siegel, Roslindale Community Center


We have a budget of about $1 per meal and from that we have to make food that is healthy and tasty.  What the folks here are eating is local food, in season, which is what the really great restaurants around the world are trying to do and what Lovin’ Spoonfuls supplies to us.  
-Frank van Overbeeke, Executive Chef at Pine Street Inn


Lovin’ Spoonfuls means that we can continue to fulfill our mission in tough economic times when there seems to be a greater demand for soup kitchens. We really emphasize not just feeding the homeless, but feeding them healthy food like fresh grains, fruits and vegetables.
-Jon Klein, Haley House


We could not be any more grateful for the amazing partnership with Lovin’ Spoonfuls! Your deliveries ensure healthy eating for our guests; as they enjoy a wonderful lush salad and yummy fruits every day. They have commented and expressed their heartfelt gratitude for this wonderful produce. Thank you for everything you do for our guests. We are most grateful.
-Aislynn Rodeghiero, Abundant Table


We are most grateful for all the donations. As a non profit, the food helps us put our money toward items that directly benefit the kids: books, games, supplies and the like.
-Roz Mann, Metro North Children’s Learning Center


It is a great way to give back to the community. Our customers very much appreciate that product not sellable goes to a good place and is not wasted.  Lovin’ Spoonfuls is the most professional and best organized donation pick up I’ve encountered in 10 years in the industry!
-Karyn Coughlin, Allandale Farm


We LOVE working with Lovin’ Spoonfuls. They run an efficient service that is so essential to our community. We’re thrilled that our fresh produce doesn’t go to waste anymore, but instead is distributed to food pantries and shelters around the greater Boston area! You won’t meet a nicer group of people. The folks at Lovin’ Spoonfuls truly are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to expanding our relationship in years to come!
 -Teri Volante Boardman , Volante Farms


The mission of Lovin’ Spoonfuls aligns so closely with that of Whole Foods Market. We are proud to be able to support our communities in a manner that not only provides nourishment, but also works to minimize waste and promote our green mission. Lovin’ Spoonfuls is working to improve the lives of our neighbors and we are proud to be a partner in that endeavor.
-Karen Franczyk, Whole Foods Market


Lovin’ Spoonfuls provides a service for the city of Boston that we cannot find anywhere else.  They’re the missing link between possible food waste and the people who could really use food.  As a produce distributor, we try our hardest to make sure our product is the freshest.  Regardless of our efforts, we’re still dealing with highly perishable product that can turn quickly.  Lovin’ Spoonfuls takes the product that is not suitable for sale and brings it to institutions that are more than happy to take whatever we are willing to donate.  Financially, product that is destined to be a total loss becomes a tax-deductible donation.  Lovin’ Spoonfuls does all the leg work.  They call us, they come pick up, and they work with our schedule.  Their drivers are friendly, helpful, and take the time to weigh product so that every last penny of the donation is accounted for.  The added bonus of having Lovin’ Spoonfuls as a partner is the network of clients we share.  Lovin’ Spoonfuls is the best charitable business partner I have ever worked with, hands down.  
-Shane Brunette, Baldor Boston


Boston’s a caring city, Boston is a giving city, and that’s why Lovin’ Spoonfuls is so powerful.  They give us the tools so folks who might not have a nutritious meal, have it…We can’t eradicate hunger, but we can slow it down. We can make sure more and more families have a nutritious meal – something healthy – and that’s what Lovin’ Spoonfuls does…
-Thomas M. Menino, Former Mayor of Boston


It’s staggering to know that that much food is getting thrown out when it could be provided to the people who really need it.  For Lovin’ Spoonfuls to come in and take what might be on the back-end of a restaurant’s needs and put it to good use – it’s upcycling, and getting it where it should be- in the hands of people who need it.
– Erin Byers Murray, author, Shucked: Life on a New England Oyster Farm


At a time of rising costs of bread, eggs, fruit and vegetables … food rescue is absolutely part of the equation and solution.
-Jim Greene, Director, City of Boston Emergency Shelter Commission


The minute food isn’t available for resale, it leaves an opportunity and the question is, who gets that opportunity? Is it the dumpster or is it people?  We turn on the TV every day, we open the newspaper, we’re hearing about obesity, we’re hearing about nutrition- we know that there is food productivity out there, it’s just not getting to the right people.
-Jeff Gates, Partner, Aquitaine Group


There’s need, there’s hunger- then there are solutions. But not enough of them… Lovin’ Spoonfuls is one that has made me more comfortable on the planet; more sure of how I can be more involved and what we can do in our industry to clean up after ourselves and to make sure that we’re giving back to the community in every way possible.
-Christopher Myers, Restaurateur and Owner, Myers + Chang


Organizations like Lovin’ Spoonfuls can actually solve the problem of food waste, which is a national tragedy.
-Andrew Zimmern, host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods and MSN’s Appetite for Life and author, The Bizarre Truth