100 Cars for Good Winner

Lovin’ Spoonfuls has been named a winner in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program, which awards new vehicles to 100 non-profit organizations based on votes from the public. Lovin’ Spoonfuls has received the most votes and has been named as a winner of a new Toyota Tundra, which will be converted to a refrigerated box truck to expand our food rescue program throughout Greater Boston. Thank you to everyone who voted, we look forward to sharing photos of the truck when it arrives!



100 Cars for Good

Lovin’ Spoonfuls has been selected as a finalist in Toyota’s 2013 100 Cars for Good Program and we need your support!

Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program will award 100 vehicles over the course of the next 50 days to 100 non-profit organizations based on votes from the public. If Lovin’ Spoonfuls receives enough votes to win, we will be awarded a brand-new Toyota Tundra, which we will convert to a refrigerated box truck to expand our reach throughout the Greater Boston area.



BNY Mellon Grant Announcement

BOSTON – (Sept. 23, 2013) Food rescue Lovin’ Spoonfuls has received a $35,000 grant from the BNY Mellon Charitable Giving Program through the Arthur F. Blanchard Trust to help launch a nutrition education program for the nonprofit organization’s partners.

The year-long pilot program aims to connect the farmers, chefs and food industry professionals that partner with Lovin’ Spoonfuls to the staff and clients at the soup kitchens and food pantries that receive rescued food. Activities will include food preparation workshops with local chefs, nutrition seminars featuring farmers and grocers, and recipe cards for food pantry clients.

“This program will extend Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ existing food rescue efforts and allow us to engage our partners in a more meaningful way,” said Ashley Stanley, Founder and Executive Director of Lovin’ Spoonfuls. “Our goal is to foster an open dialogue about food, nutrition and health. We want to create a deeper connection between the food industry, our nonprofit partner organizations and the individuals and families who consume the fresh food that we rescue every day.”

Since 2010, Lovin’ Spoonfuls has rescued and distributed more than 750,000 pounds of fresh food to various organizations in the area and has fed tens of thousands of area residents. Through programs funded by the BNY Mellon grant, soup kitchen teams at partner organizations will be able to try out new recipes and cooking techniques, while food pantry staff will receive informational cards about donations of lesser-known types of produce, such as kohlrabi, kale and fiddleheads.

The new program also will provide seminars featuring guest speakers from Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ farm and grocery store partners to increase food literacy and inspire healthier meals. Lovin’ Spoonfuls also will create cards with recipe ideas, food storage tips and nutritional information that food pantry staff can distribute to clients.

“Even though the food insecurity rate in Massachusetts is slightly lower than the national average, 20 percent of people in Boston are food insecure and only approximately 27 percent of adults state-wide get the daily amounts of fruits and vegetables recommended by the USDA,” said Joanne Jaxtimer, BNY Mellon Regional Executive. “The services and training provided by Lovin’ Spoonfuls help fill that gap. Our grant will enable them to provide nutritious meals to even more Boston families and support their efforts to reduce the Commonwealth’s food waste footprint.”


About BNY Mellon
BNY Mellon is a global investments company dedicated to helping its clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. Powering Potential, the company’s philanthropic focus, makes local communities better places to live and work by targeting organizations focused on workforce development or basic needs. Learn more about Powering Potential or the company’s world-wide commitment to social responsibility at www.bnymellon.com/csr.

The BNY Mellon Charitable Giving Program awards grants through a competitive application and review process and is funded through the generosity of BNY Mellon and the Arthur F. Blanchard Trust, along with seven other charitable trusts. As trustee of these trusts, BNY Mellon acts as a fiduciary and makes discretionary distributions to charities.

third annual ultimate tailgate

The Tailgate is back! We are thrilled to announce the return of Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ Ultimate Tailgate Party, which will take place on Sunday, November 10th, 2013 on the lawn at Sam’s, overlooking the scenic Boston waterfront. This year’s Tailgate will be bigger and better than ever, featuring 17 of Boston’s MVP chefs, signature cocktails,  a silent auction featuring exclusive experiences, entertainment, and much more. We are excited to welcome Mayor Thomas M. Menino as our guest of honor, to thank him for his relentless commitment to the city of Boston and his support of our organization.

In just 3 ½ years we have rescued over 750,000lbs of fresh, healthy food that would otherwise be thrown away and distributed the food to local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and other crisis centers throughout the Greater Boston area. With your continued support we can continue to grow and expand our services throughout Massachusetts.

Tickets and more information is available here – we hope to see you there!



“food wastage footprint: impacts on natural resources”

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recently released a report analyzing the global impact of food waste on natural resources. The report provides an in-depth account of the environmental footprint of food waste – check out the full report  here for more details.

“a bold food rescue plan”

Our founder, Ashley Stanley, weighs in on the Patrick administration’s statewide plan for reducing food waste in a recent op-ed piece for the Boston Globe. Check out the full article here.

partner meet + greet

Thank you to all of our friends and partners who came out to our partner meet and greet event on Monday! The patio at Dante in Cambridge – combined with a spectacular summer evening – provided a beautiful setting for our inaugural partner event. Inspired by Lovin’ Spoonfuls Haul Manager, Meg Kiley, the event aimed to facilitate connections between partners that donate food to Lovin’ Spoonfuls and the non-profit beneficiary organization partners that receive food deliveries from our team. Close to a dozen partner organizations were represented at Monday’s event. Thanks to Chef Dante and his team for the delicious bites and thanks to Upper Fall Liquors and High and Mighty Brewery for the tasty refreshments! We look forward to hosting more partner meet and greet events in the future!



nrdc blog

Check out the latest post on the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) staff blog, Switchboard. NRDC Project Scientist, Dana Gunders, analyzes Massachusetts’ recent food waste regulation efforts and features Lovin’ Spoonfuls Founder/Executive Director, Ashley Stanley. The full blog post is available here.


Are you following Lovin’ Spoonfuls on instagram? Check out our instagram page to stay up to date with our team on the road!


“Patrick Administration Announces Plan to Ban Disposal of Commercial Food Waste”

Today, the Governor’s office announced an ambitious state-wide plan to ban commercial food waste in Massachusetts by July 2014. Spearheaded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the proposed ban would require all businesses that dispose of at least one ton of organic waste per week to donate or re-purpose the useable food. Any remaining waste would be shipped to an anaerobic digestion facility. Check out the full press release for more details!

2013 Fall Internship at Lovin’ Spoonfuls

While we don’t have regular volunteer opportunities, we are looking to bring on an intern this fall to help with planning for our annual Tailgate fundraiser. Please take a look at the description below and let us know if you’re interested or if you know someone who might be!


Lovin’ Spoonfuls is an organization that facilitates the recovery and distribution of healthy, perishable food that would otherwise be discarded. Lovin’ Spoonfuls works efficiently to deliver this food directly to the community organizations and resources where it can have the greatest impact. Lovin’ Spoonfuls is committed to addressing the health, environmental and economic impact that food waste has on our community. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Lovin’ Spoonfuls is a 501c3, non-profit organization.

Each year, Lovin’ Spoonfuls hosts an annual fundraiser, the Tailgate party.  The event is scheduled to take place this year in early November.  Planning and execution of the event involves a huge amount of time and energy on behalf of the Lovin’ Spoonfuls staff.  As such, we are seeking an intern with flexible availability to assist the staff in the weeks leading up to the event.

Lovin’ Spoonfuls seeks a dedicated individual for approximately 10 hours per week.  The schedule of those hours can be flexible dependent upon the intern’s availability, and do not necessarily need to be completed at the Lovin’ Spoonfuls office.  The intern will work with the current Operations Director and Lead Development Officer to assist with the following projects associated with the event:

  • Signage and other printed material production
  • Registration tracking and management
  • Logistics management, including chef needs, AV needs, rental needs, etc.
  • Permitting
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Silent auction & live ask support
  • Other tasks as needed


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Experience in nonprofit (preferred) or small business operations
  • Experience with event planning and coordination preferred
  • Organized, detail-oriented, and self-motivated
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Willing and able to use public transportation or own means of transportation to get around Boston for various permitting and administrative tasks

This is an unpaid internship starting September 1 but academic credit can be arranged for graduate students.

To Apply:

Please send resume and cover letter indicating qualifications and interest in the position to info@lovinspoonfulsinc.org. In the subject line of your email, please type “2013 Tailgate Intern”.

Intern’s Corner: It’s a Shrimp Scampi Kind of Night

I was always familiar with the name “Rosie’s Place”, located on the border of the South End and Roxbury, but was unsure of what exactly happens at this busy women’s shelter.  Last night, I was given the opportunity to work with Lovin’ Spoonfuls volunteers at Rosie’s Place for a dinner service from 4pm-7:30pm. On Tuesday nights, a Lovin’ Spoonfuls driver delivers a great haul of fresh produce to Rosie’s Place.  Community members always reach out to our team and want to volunteer in some way. What better way to help out a local beneficiary than including our volunteers and Lovin’ Spoonfuls staff?

     We had a great turnout of 11 volunteers to prep and cook a delicious meal of shrimp scampi and a mixed green salad with honey mustard dressing. When we arrived at 4pm, we were instructed to tie our hair back and put an apron on. Andy, head of the kitchen put our group right to work and prepared us to serve soup, bread, bananas (which were very popular), coffee, tea, and sugar/sweetener. This small meal would hold the ladies over before a delicious dinner. As I passed out exactly four sugars to each woman, I noticed the diversity of the group.

     Rosie’s Place was founded in the early 70’s and has helped numerous homeless women; they provide them with healthy meals (lunch and dinner), clothing, housing, medical services, transportation, educational programs, and employment opportunities. Currently, Rosie’s Place houses up to 600 guests in their emergency and short-term housing, while finding permanent housing for their clients.

Lovin’ Spoonfuls Operations Director, Lauren, was given the task of serving each woman a plate of shrimp scampi and salad. We were directed to take out 100 plates and assemble the meals. These plates would be placed on trays and carried to Lauren. After each plate was served and eaten, it was time for seconds. I was in charge of giving out extra shrimp, as I spooned the shrimp over the pasta the ladies nodded and asked for more. Many came for seconds and we made up extra plates for late guests, which were greatly appreciated.  All the food we cooked was almost gone except for the salad, which would be used for lunch the next day. As we consolidated the salad and started to clean up, the dessert of apple crisp was handed out which I could tell the guests and especially their young children fully enjoyed. Guests left the dining room with full bellies and smiles on their faces, nodding a farewell and a thank you.

Lauren Palumbo, Operations Director

Our new operations director, Lauren, joined the Spoonfuls team in March. We sat down with Lauren to learn about her background and food interests…

How did you arrive at Lovin’ Spoonfuls?
It was a winding road, but it involved 4+ years as a Marketing & Events Manager for two non-profits, 3+ years as Marketing Director for a local restaurant group, a lifetime commitment to giving back to the community, and a deep interest in food, local farming, cooking, eating and food policy.

Do your friends and family consider you a good cook? Any signature recipes?
I love to cook, though my husband is probably the biggest beneficiary of that.  Friends and family don’t seem to complain though!  I work with what other people teach me – through recipes, cookbooks, and learning from actual chefs; I’m not coming up with many recipes on my own.  I rarely cook the same thing twice because I love to try new things, so the only signature recipes would be my grandmother’s marinara sauce (I refuse to call it gravy) and  Italian almond cookies which we make at Christmas.  Both are recipes my mom has been making forever and taught me how to make.  Oh, and apple pie.  I grew up in Stow, home of many apple orchards, and bake pies each fall.

What would we find in your refrigerator right now?
Veggies and eggs from our Red Fire Farm CSA.  Local milk and cheeses picked up at City Feed & Supply.  Local bacon from a farm in central MA, picked up through the Mass Local Food Co-Op.  Lots of Grillo’s hot pickles.  A million condiments like curry paste and fish sauce and fermented bean paste that I cook with.  And kefir, which we feed to our dogs.

What’s your favorite childhood food memory?
Carbonara.  It was my favorite pasta dish growing up (we ate a lot of pasta, being Italian).  It was the dish I broke 8 years of not eating red meat with and it’s a dish I can’t resist ordering.

Has this job made you more aware of your own consumption habits? Have you made any significant changes as a result?
For years I have been a meal planner, a grocery list maker, and a leftovers eater.  So I feel like I’ve got part of it down.  But we don’t compost, and since we cook so much, I now feel guilty with the food scraps we generate.  I try to use all of a product when possible or save scraps to make veggie stock, but I’m looking into getting a compost bin from Bootstrap Compost, so I won’t have to worry about it!

What’s your favorite place/restaurant/neighborhood in Boston?
There is no way I could pick a favorite restaurant, this is just too good of a town for eating out now, but if you want my list of favorites, feel free to ask!  I love living in Jamaica Plain.  The community is incredible and the support for local food and farmers is palpable.  It’s not just people talking about it, they are actually doing it.  And the access to Jamaica Pond, the Arboretum, and Franklin Park is great for getting out and enjoying the green spaces in our city.

What is your motto?
It’s maybe a little silly to quote a song here, but one of my favorite lyrics (from Dave Matthews) is “I can’t believe that we would lie in our graves, wondering if we had spent our living days well…”.  And that’s why I do what I love in all aspects of life.

Who are your heroes in real life?
My mom – because she went back to classes in her 40’s to start a new career and has run her own business for almost 25 years.  My dad – because he taught me that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.  My sister – who somehow got me to run my first marathon, and the persistence required to train for and run a marathon stays with me in everything I do!

“Zoning changes could produce new farms in Boston”

We’re excited about the zoning law updates Mayor Menino and his team are spearheading to encourage and facilitate urban agriculture in Boston. Check out this recent Boston Globe article for more details!

Intern’s Corner: Let’s Haul

Our new summer intern, Olivia, recently spent a few days hauling with our drivers. Here, she reflects on her time on the road…

It was my third day on the job working as the summer intern here at Lovin’ Spoonfuls. Spoonfuls works with vendors such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Hannaford Supermarkets, and other small vendors. Produce that is not up to retail standards is usually thrown away by many of these large supermarkets. This is where Lovin’ Spoonfuls comes in. Working with our vendors we receive the leftovers as a donation to our organization. Not only do we help vendors reduce their carbon footprint, but vendors also save money that would be spent on throwing the food away. I would describe Lovin’ Spoonfuls as the liaison, a food rescue non-profit that works with vendors to collect leftover food and distribute to beneficiaries. The many beneficiaries that we work with, such as Haley House and Pine Street Inn, look forward to receiving a variety of fresh produce to serve to the Boston community.

This week I was on the road with Jeremy, listening to his favorite Bluegrass music as we rode in Bertha, the Lovin’ Spoonfuls box truck. Our first stop was at Trader Joe’s in Brookline. The staff was very friendly and directed us toward the leftover food. I was amazed by the quality and variety of the produce. Many boxes of fresh produce and fruit were stacked high. Other boxes included muffins, cookies, and bags of sliced bread. There was even two boxes full of pears. I was very tempted to bite into one of those pears but, I restrained myself. These leftovers were considered trash because they were not up to customer standards. I could not wrap my head around this because this produce was completely usable and edible. If Lovin’ Spoonfuls had not been there to pick up these leftovers, then who would? The next step for this food would be the dumpster, when it could be used right away to feed many homeless people.

Our next stop was to our new pilot program, Hannaford Supermarket in Waltham, MA. When we arrived I could not believe how large the store was. I figured this supermarket had a large donation for us and I was prepared to weigh the produce and load it into Bertha. At the Waltham Hannaford Supermarket, we walked straight into the store and headed to the back. Boxes of bananas, apples, and assorted vegetables filled an entire wheeling tray. An employee directed us to behind the meat department. We were handed a box of meat, which included burgers and lean steaks. Also, we were given a box of fresh sausages that were mislabeled. The quality of the meat was pristine and I was so excited to donate the meat to one of our lucky beneficiaries.

We left Hannaford Supermarket with a box truck full of fresh produce and were on our way to our beneficiaries of the day, Haley House and Pine Street Inn. At Haley House, we were greeted by Linda, the volunteer coordinator. Linda chose to take a couple boxes of muffins, a variety of produce including fresh tomatoes, and the box of sausages. Bertha was still filled with many boxes of produce and I wanted Linda to take more food. Linda took only as much as the organization could handle. Linda thought consciously about what produce she needed for upcoming meals served at Haley house. I knew next week we would be back and Linda would be ready for us.

May Events Recap

On May 4th, Lovin’ Spoonfuls participated in the 4th annual Boston Bacon & Beer Festival hosted by Eat Boston at the House of Blues.  Guests were treated to an array of tasty bacon-centric dishes paired with beer samples from some of the area’s finest breweries. The long list of participating restaurants and breweries included our friends at JM Curley, Puritan & Co., Trina’s Starlite Lounge, Whole Foods Symphony, Peak Organic, Slumbrew, and many more! Thanks to all of the chefs, attendees, volunteers and EAT Boston for making the event possible and supporting our cause!

On May 18th, Lovin’ Spoonfuls participated in Radio 92.9’s 20th annual EarthFest, an all day outdoor event at the Esplanade featuring live music from Vertical Horizon, Cracker, Gentlemen Hall and Fastball. Vendors including Whole Foods, Applegate Farms, Organic Valley, Sabra, Odwalla and many others provided food samples for the attendees. The Lovin’ Spoonfuls team had a table during the event and also helped at the end of the day to recover and donate any leftover food.

Thanks to everyone who has come out to support us at an event this Spring!


Join Our Team

Lovin’ Spoonfuls is hiring! We’re looking for full-time and part-time drivers to join our dynamic and growing team. For more details and instructions on how to apply, check out the full job post here.

Spring Events

Join us at an upcoming event this spring, and keep checking back- we’re constantly updating the page with more exciting events!



We are excited to be included in an upcoming ramen battle, Paper Chase: Yen Ramen Battle II.  Local culinary vets Mark O’Leary and Wheeler del Torro will throw down in this head-to-head battle at the Kitchn Table at 3 Scoops Cafe on Sunday, April 28th, 2013. No matter the outcome, Lovin’ Spoonfuls will benefit from this tasty event. To find out what’s at stake for the two competitors in this ramen showdown and to purchase tickets for the event, check out the event page here.



Eat Boston’s highly anticipated Bacon and Beer Festival is back! The 2013 Bacon and Beer Festival will be held on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 from 2:30pm to 5:00pm at House of Blues Boston. We are excited to once again be included along with Community Servings as charitable benefactors of the event. Festival tickets are sold out, but there’s an entire line-up of bacon and beer themed events throughout the weekend that should satisfy any craving. The 2013 Bacon and Beer Festival event page has all the details, including the full list of participating restaurants and breweries. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the amazing event merch – t-shirts, koozies, and much more!

Mark your calendars for the 20th annual Radio 92.9 EarthFest, returning to The DCR Hatch Memorial Shell on Saturday May 18th, 2013. This family-friendly outdoor festival features a variety of local and regional non-profit organizations in addition to live music and local food vendors. Make sure to visit the EarthFest event page for all the event details and check back for upcoming announcements about this year’s bands. We hope to see you there!

Cochon 555 Tickets for Lovin’ Spoonfuls

This just in: we’re auctioning off two General Admission tickets to the Cochon 555 Boston event this Sunday, March 24th at the Revere Hotel. This one-of-a-kind traveling culinary competition and tasting event features five local chefs, five pigs and five winemakers to promote the sustainable farming of heritage breed pigs. This is Cochon 555’s 5th anniversary tour, and the event is sure to be a knockout. Read more about the event here.

We’ve opened up the bidding on twitter (@lovinfoodrescue) with a starting price of $250- face value for the pair of General Admission tickets. Bidding will remain open until Friday March 22nd at 4PM. Please submit bids via email to info@lovinspoonfulsinc.org with the subject line “Cochon 555 Tickets.” Only bids submitted via email greater than the starting price of $250 and increasing in $10 increments will be considered. We will keep our twitter feed updated with the latest bids using #lovincochon, so make sure to follow along with the conversation! All proceeds from the auction will go directly to Lovin’ Spoonfuls.

Blizzard Bash and Boston Lamb Jam

Even though the holidays are behind us and the temperatures continue to drop, join us at an upcoming event to beat your winter blues and eat some tasty food for a good cause!

On February 7th & 8th, 2013 one of our community partners, The Barbara Lynch Foundation, will host the First Annual Blizzard Bash. Over 30 celebrated chefs and bartenders from around the country will gather at the Boston Children’s Museum for an evening of spectacular food, drinks and entertainment. Party-goers and chefs alike are invited to change venues for the official event after-party, “The Industry Thing,” at Villa Victoria. All proceeds from The Industry Thing event will benefit Lovin’ Spoonfuls.

For more information about the First Annual Blizzard Bash, please click here.

Buy your tickets for The Industry Thing here!

Mark your calendars for another event in February- the Lamb Jam is returning to Boston! BostonChefs.com and the American Lamb Board are joining forces once again to host the 2013 Boston Lamb Jam and Lovin’ Spoonfuls is very excited to be involved in the event as a community partner. Join us at the Charles Hotel on Sunday, February 17th to sample creations from an amazing line-up of chefs hailing from Boston, Providence, RI and Portland, ME.

Purchase your tickets here before they sell out!

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