Lovin’ Spoonfuls has several milestones and events in 2020. We hope you will follow along and join us!

January marks 10 years of Lovin’ Spoonfuls!

In September, we will virtually cheer for our Boston Marathon team of runners: Ryan Cohlhepp, Josie Fox, and Robert Phillips. Support their fundraising efforts here.

In November we hope to host the 10th annual Tailgate party featuring tailgate-inspired dishes from all of your favorite local chefs. The event date will be announced following the review of State guidelines for events.

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To learn about sponsorship or opportunities to support, please email Erin at erin@lovinspoonfulsinc.org.

And to get even more involved, we invite you to join our Friends of Lovin’ Spoonfuls group! This passionate group of supporters contributes through direct support, volunteerism, and more. For more information, visit here.

The Ultimate Tailgate 2019

Video by Dining Playbook