Speak Up

Even as we’re working to meet an immediate need for fresh, wholesome food today, we’re committed to working with others (like community members, business leaders, and elected officials) to raise awareness of the issues underpinning our work and to raise support for long term solutions to address wasted food, food insecurity, and the climate emergency. 

We do this in a number of ways, such as:

  • Listening to our stakeholders and learning from their perspectives; 
  • Lending our insights to important conversations; 
  • Connecting stakeholders to one another; 
  • Using our platform to elevate community members’ voices and experiences; and
  • Reaching out, and encouraging others to reach out, to their elected officials to push for promising policy solutions at the intersection of wasted food, food insecurity, and the climate emergency.

Dive into  the pages below to learn more about advocacy and how you can get involved.

Want to know when there are opportunities to speak up on issues related to wasted food and hunger? Let us keep you informed!