Julia Rappaport


Julia Rappaport is managing editor of fresh, a food and cooking magazine covering the Northeast. You can follow her on Twitter at @Julia_Rappaport.

What compelled you to get involved with Young Friends of Lovin’ Spoonfuls?
I first heard of Lovin’ Spoonfuls while working as the Assistant Arts Editor, editing food content and managing the food blog, at the Boston Herald in the late 2000s. As someone who grew up in a rural community where fresh food was a way of life, access to fresh food has always been important to me. When I learned about Lovin’ Spoonfuls, I saw an organization that was working to bring fresh food to the people that need it most, and educating those in our community about why fresh food is important. At the same time, I started learning about the realities of hunger and food waste, and wanted to do more. When the Young Friends program launched, it seemed like a natural fit

What resonates with you about the LS mission?
Like I said, access to fresh food is important to me. At the same time, being involved with the organization has helped me learn so much more about the realities of hunger and food waste, and has allowed me to see in action the amazing and profound change that can occur when we all (chefs, farmers, nonprofit professionals, supporters of all ages) get together, bring our own resources and ideas to the table, and say, “The status quo is not enough. We can do more.”

How does being a Young Friends Member help make an impact?
Being a Young Friends member connects me with like-minded people throughout the area and allows me to get up close and personal with an organization and an issue about which I care deeply. As someone who has worked at a nonprofit, I know first-hand that there is always room for more at organizations that are struggling to impact our world for good – more hands, more resources, more ideas, more time. If I can help offset that need in even the tiniest bit by bringing my own background, skill set, time, or ideas to a nonprofit, there’s impact there.

What do you enjoy cooking at home?
I’m boring. My last meal on earth would be the hugest salad with everything that’s fresh at the moment and a hunk of really good bread. So for me, I enjoy going to my local farmers’ markets and fish markets, buying what’s ripe and in-season, whipping up a salad dressing, and throwing it together (and hopefully carrying it down to the river with a good book and glass of wine to eat it outside).

What’s your favorite food?
Can I have two? Broccoli and ice cream. Never together.

What is your favorite way to use leftovers?
In salads! Or in sandwiches. Or eating them cold the next morning for breakfast. Basically, any way that doesn’t involve them going into the trash.

What’s your favorite childhood food memory?
I grew up year-round on Martha’s Vineyard and we had family friends that lived in Paris, but would come to the island every summer to stay on a farm property they own. They brought a Tunisian friend one year and she wanted to have a big Tunisian couscous feast on the farm. She cooked for days, and we would stop by to check in on things – I remember the smells in the old barn that week, the pots bubbling, the counters getting more and more full by the day. On the night of the feast, we gathered around the table with bowls of steaming couscous and all sorts of dishes circulated with people ladling stews and spices over it. It was like nothing I’d ever tasted before – I was probably nine or so. But what I will always remember was at one point, all of the men leaned back from the table, loosened their belts, and decided to go for a walk around the property in the dark so that they could come back for another round. Needless to say, not much went to waste that evening.

What is your best Lovin’ moment or experience so far?
Honestly, the night that I first met founder and executive director Ashley Stanley. We both still remember it (and she recently found my business card from that night!). I ran into her and the now-Communications Director Katy Jordan, who at the time was a colleague of mine at the Herald, at the Citizen Public House in Fenway probably around winter 2009 or 2010. After that night, Ashley and I got together so that I could learn more about the organization, and that was the slow beginning of my involvement with Lovin’ Spoonfuls. I’m so grateful that Katy spotted me that evening across a crowded bar!

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