Jamie Bissonnette


Q: What made you interested in Lovin’ Spoonfuls?
A: Initially I was introduced to Lovin’ Spoonfuls through Patrick Macguire, of www.servernotservant.com.  After taking with Ashley I was hooked.  Her passion is motivating.

Q: What was your reaction to the amount of food wasted each year, food that could feed millions of hungry people? How has this information affected your outlook on food and hunger in Boston?
A: I was completely blow away.  I know that with training, Ashley’s dedication and some hard work that transforming this food into meals for the hungry is an attainable goal. I think that people need to be comfortable spreading the word…..stop wasting food.

Q: How did you know you wanted to be a chef?
A: Watching the discovery channel’s great chef’s series in 1993.  I tried to replicate what I saw.  I knew I wanted to be surrounded by fire and knives.  I’ve always loved food.

Q: Favorite dish at Toro? Coppa?
A: Toro – all of Mike’s (sous chef) specials.  His touch with food is amazing.  I crave his food. Coppa – the pizza.  Pizza is the best!

Q: You’ve got a lot of ink…how many tatts do you have? Favorite one?
A: I have around 250 hours. My back.  I just finally started it.  It’s wicked painful.  Brutal.

Q: Finish this sentence: There is enough food out there…
A: To feed an army.  We just need to show them where it is, and what to do with it.  It sounds easy.  It should be, so let’s make it easy. Oh, and let’s go get it!

Jamie is a member of our Culinary Board and the 2016 recipient of the Menino Award for Leadership at our Ultimate Tailgate Party. Support our work, like Jamie does, here!