In The Driver’s Seat: With AJ McLaren

Meet AJ McLaren. They are a Food Rescue Coordinator working in our Greater Boston region. Here, AJ weighs in about how they wound up at Lovin’ Spoonfuls and how it’s going.

It’s hard to say where I would be if I wasn’t a Food Rescue Coordinator (FRC). My life is certainly a continuously unfolding idea. 

My plan after graduating college in 2020 was to go back to Germany for a graduation trip and then go on tour with my band, a repeat of summer 2019. However, as one could imagine, my plans were interrupted by COVID.

I studied psychology and German in college, and I was going to have some fun after graduating and then get into a job related to what I learned. (I was applying for jobs as a behavioral therapist in a school setting before COVID became a real concern. It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy such work – just that the pandemic wasn’t an ideal time to start.) I didn’t want to take on a “mentally taxing” job if I didn’t have parties, concerts etc. to help me unwind in my off time. Plus, I didn’t want to jump straight into a career that used the same brain muscles. That’s how I ended up as an FRC.

I’ve met some great people [on the job], and I’ve had an opportunity to help with food inequality, which is something that I have always wanted to help abate. I’m glad that I’ve gotten to help ease a problem that I’ve seen affect people in my personal life. 

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