Just The Facts: With Dara, AJ, and Abby

Over the course of our 11-year history, Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ Food Rescue Coordinators (FRCs) have rescued over 20 million pounds of food. That’s enough for 16.6 million meals!

But that’s not all. By keeping that food out of landfills, they’ve prevented 25,780 metric tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

This month, get to know three of our Greater Boston-based FRCs – Dara Mysliwiec, AJ McLaren, and Abby Hurd – and hear from them about what they’re doing (apart from food rescue) to take care of the planet.

Dara Mysliwiec:

1. Dara completed four different Americorps terms in four different states – and none of them in Massachusetts.

2. They once had a trail-building job where their only source of food was groceries brought to them by pack mule. This only happened once a week, so they learned a lot about making produce last a while.

3. Something else Dara’s doing to take care of the planet: “When I find out about legislation that would push corporations toward more sustainable practices or the state towards cleaner energy, I try to call and voice support for those policies. It’s intimidating at first, but once you know who to call, it can be satisfying to make your voice heard.”

AJ McLaren

1. AJ has a cat.

2. They never wear matching socks.

3. When it comes to looking after the planet, AJ makes an effort to educate people around individual action versus systemic change. Says AJ, “…fighting climate change means banding together.” They add that corporations leave a much larger environmental footprint than individuals do, so it’s important to hold them accountable. “No amount of individual veganism or walking instead of biking offsets the amount of damage that larger oil firms, corporations, etc. do.”

Abby Hurd

1. Abby has been slowly teaching herself to play the piano over the past few years.

2. She used to cut down trees, varying from small to large, using a chainsaw as part of her job with Americorps doing habitat restoration.

3. Says Abby, when it comes to taking environmental action, “I try to spread awareness of the major forces destroying the planet, like the capitalist mode of production, and make sure that our energies as everyday people are focused not only on practicing green habits in our individual lives, but especially on putting pressure on those in power for radical change that leads to the prioritization of the health of the planet over profit.”