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Do you or does someone you know work in the restaurant industry? Please spread the word: Mass. Restaurants United (MRU) is working to raise awareness and support for legislation that would provide relief to restaurants hard hit by the pandemic. The more members it has, the more people it can mobilize to pass legislation that can save our favorite restaurants!

Restaurant workers: join MRU and follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

FAQ’s from MRU:

Why should I join MRU? If you want to save your business, we need to band together. At this point, fighting this battle alone will not get any proven results. We have seen how the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC) has effectively advocated for restaurant relief at a national level, and state-wide we can achieve the same working together.

Do I have to pay? No, MRU is a free grassroots organization for restaurant owners and food professionals.

What does MRU DO? MRU advocates at the grassroots level for independent restaurants.  MRU has written letters directly to our legislature offering infrastructure for relief packages, and continuously reaches out, and communicates with state leaders to make these packages a reality. MRU organizes virtual Town Halls that have garnered media attention and our state leadership’s attention. These offer education, ideas, and solutions for how to help the state’s restaurant industry survive right now. 

Is this part of the MRA? The Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA) is a paid-membership group with which we collaborate. MRU is an independent coalition focused on using independent restaurant voices, made up by restaurant owners and professionals of ALL types of food businesses. 

What is MRU’s relationship with IRC? MRU emerged concurrently with the IRC in mid-March with aligned missions to save independent restaurants in the time of COVID-19. MRU supports the Independent Restaurant Coalition’s (IRC) work at the federal level.  

What has MRU achieved? 

  • Built an effective advocacy organization in 4 months
  • Built a 600+ member coalition
  • Advocated and secured Distressed Restaurant Fund in the Economic Recovery Bill that’s currently in the MA legislature 
  • Secured co-sponsorship of The RESTAURANTS Act by 9 out of the 11 members of the MA delegation. Representative Neal of Congressional District #1 and Representative Pressley of Congressional District #7 have not co-sponsored as of 8/19/2020
  • Hosted 4 informational town halls

With whom does MRU work? First and foremost with you- our local, independent restaurant owners. We need you. We are also working with national and local organizations like the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC), Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA), Amplify Latinx, Commonwealth Kitchen, Boston Black Hospitality Coalition(BBHC),  Boston Restaurant Coalition (BRC), El Planeta News, Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce, US and State representatives. 

What do I get out of it? In addition to trying to get economic relief for your business, you can gain exposure and community support.

I don’t have time for this, how do you expect me to help? If you could add your information to our members list and become a member, that will help. If you have 5 minutes weekly to read our emails, like and share a social media post about MRU efforts, that will help more. If you want to be featured in local media with your restaurant’s story, that will help even more. We know you are consumed with your restaurant survival, we simply need your attention for 5 minutes every week.

How do I get involved? Sign up on the MRU website to become a member, actively read the emails we send members, like and share social media posts, and if you have time get involved with any calls with legislators or media opportunities that come up. 

Will this hurt my business? No, MRU is an independent organization created by fellow restaurant owners and professionals. We have no political or business affiliations that could be associated with your business. If anything, educating your customers about why you joined MRU and how to help restaurants survive will help you gain exposure.