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Welcome, AJ!

Food Rescue Coordinator, AJ McClaren, joined the team at Spoonfuls earlier this month. Get to know them here!

How did you arrive at Lovin’ Spoonfuls?

I was looking for a meaningful job to help the community right out of college, I was less concerned with doing something related to my degree and more concerned with doing something impactful that could provide me with stability.

Tell us about your background! How did you become interested in food rescue.

I am vegan and the issue of access to healthy food is a very important problem to me. I have been very privileged to have access to the foods I enjoy everyday, and spreading that access around is great. Not to mention my parents always taught me wasting was bad.

What passions do you bring to the job?

A passion for community improvement led by members of the community rather than politicians.

Have there been any surprises for you in the food you’ve rescued so far?

I have found lots of vegan treats I didn’t know existed. I haven’t had creamy Italian dressing in a long time, but I found out Whole Foods sells a vegan version!

Do your friends and family consider you a good cook? Any signature recipes?

My friends love my cooking, or so they say. My best recipe is my BBQ tofu scramble.

What would we find in your refrigerator right now?

Hefeweizen, tofu, lots of fruit and veggies and my roommates’ leftovers!

What’s your favorite childhood food memory?

Anything my parents cooked. They both are amazing cooks, but my mom’s mac-and-cheese is to die for.

Who are your heroes?

Mainly the bands and activists/theorists that inspire me: Surfbort, Che Guevara, Karl Marx, and The Growlers, just to name a few.