Fundraise for Lovin’ Spoonfuls

Every donation helps us keep trucks on the road rescuing food and distributing it to people facing food insecurity. Fundraising for Lovin’ Spoonfuls is one way you can support our food rescue mission.

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Corporate & Employee Giving

Matching gifts, casual Fridays for a cause, and more! 

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Birthdays & Life Events

Mark a life event by giving back. Ask friends to give donations in lieu of gifts.

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Other Ways to Give

Put your talents to work for Spoonfuls! Host a bake sale, teach a class, donate the proceeds, etc.

Interested in crowdfunding for Lovin’ Spoonfuls?

Every $1 we receive enables us to rescue more than 2 pounds of food. That’s nearly enough to feed a person for a day.

  1. Start with an idea – one of the ones above – or check out the real life examples below to see how others have tackled fundraising for Spoonfuls.
  2. Make it easy for people to donate to your fundraiser. Here’s how to launch a crowdfunding page.
  3. Tell us what you’re up to. We’d like to say thanks (and we’re always happy to brainstorm ideas and help answer questions.) Fill out our Fundraising for Lovin’ Spoonfuls form.
  4. Get the word out: Let your network know that you’re fundraising for Spoonfuls and why it’s important to you.
  5. Make an impact: Minimize wasted food with every dollar raised.

Check out these fundraising tips from Lovin’ Spoonfuls staff.

Get inspired:

Your impact:


supports the rescue of roughly 1,150 lbs. of food, the equivalent of 920 meals.


supports the rescue of roughly 2,300 lbs. of food, the equivalent of 1,840 meals.


supports the rescue of roughly 5,750 lbs. of food, the equivalent of 4,600 meals.

Remember: Over the course of 20222, Lovin’ Spoonfuls prevented 6,198 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent from being emitted into the atmosphere with the help of supporters like you. That’s like taking 1,335 cars off the road for a year!

Questions? We’re here to help. Email us at development@lovinspoonfulsinc.org.