Environmental Impact

By diverting food from landfills, Lovin’ Spoonfuls helps mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2020, we kept over 4 million lbs. of good food out of landfills.

But even in the short term, food rescue makes a big difference. Between April and June 2021 (just one quarter!), the food we kept out of the waste stream through food rescue – some 1,071,999 lbs., – prevented 1,497.98 MTCO2E (Metric Tons of CO2 Equivalent) from being emitted into the atmosphere.

That’s the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions to 326 passenger vehicles driven for a year – 3,764,720 miles. That’s 404 round trips from Boston to Panama City, Panama.

It’s also equivalent to 168,59 gallons of gasoline consumed.

For more information on the environmental effects of wasted food, see here.