Environmental Impact

By diverting food from landfills, Lovin’ Spoonfuls helps protect the environment from harmful gasses which contribute greatly to climate change.

By avoiding the emissions associated with wasting the food we rescued, and by preventing the waste of energy and resources that were used in production and transport of the food, we have estimated that in 2018, we prevented 7,449,521.40 kg of CO2 equivalent by rescuing 3,164,676 pounds of food.

That is equal to the greenhouse gas emissions from 1,582 cars for one year.

The impact of a $1,000 donation is equivalent to preventing the amount of CO2 produced by 1.8 cars in a year.

Estimates calculated using the Food Loss and Waste Calculator and Greenhouse Gas Emissions converter from the EPA. For more information on the environmental effects of food waste, please visit https://www.epa.gov/environmental-topics/land-waste-and-cleanup-topics.