Our Culinary Education Program

What is Plenty

Through Plenty, our culinary education program, Lovin’ Spoonfuls provides the people we serve with the food education, tools, and know-how to empower them to feed themselves and their families. The primary goals of Plenty include ingredient education, resourceful preparation of fresh food, and providing the people we serve with skills to use whole ingredients in meal preparation.

At Lovin’ Spoonfuls, our mission is to reduce avoidable food waste, and feed insecure people. With Plenty, we offer:

  • Cooking demonstrations with recipes that promote healthy & budget-friendly meals
  • Food storage workshops
  • Food recovery/waste minimization tips & education
  • Recipe cards highlighting nutrition-focused recipes for both common and lesser-known produce
  • Money-saving strategies for whole-ingredient cooking 

Interested in hosting a Plenty workshop? Please contact our Plenty Coordinator Cathy Pedtke, or complete this form

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About Cathy:

Cathy oversees Lovin’ Spoonfuls Plenty program, and is also a food rescue coordinator for the agency. She comes from a culinary background with a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management from Paul Smith’s College and a masters degree in Gastronomy from Boston University. Contact Cathy.