Book a Plenty Workshop!


Are you looking to build team engagement, enhance company wellness, or expand your team’s knowledge on food education? A Plenty Food Education Workshop  by Lovin’ Spoonfuls may be the perfect choice for you and your team.

We have recently expanded our workshops to provide student groups and corporate clients the knowledge and power to cook with wholesome ingredients while simultaneously minimizing food waste.

In the U.S. alone over 40% of all food we produce is discarded, 50% of which happens at the consumer level (right in our own kitchens!) and we’re on a mission to change that. Our Plenty Workshops demonstrate that cooking and preparing nutritious meals with whole foods is easier than one may think. Through our workshops, participants are taught how to resourcefully prepare fresh food, minimize food waste, and build confidence to transfer these skills to their home environment.

These workshops can be offered in a demonstration or hands-on format. In a demonstration course, your group will follow along as our coordinator prepares dishes and recruits assistance from the crowd. Our coordinator, Cathy Pedtke, will answer questions along the way and foster conversations about cooking and food waste.

In a hands-on format, Plenty can be utilized as a valuable team building exercise as participants will prepare and share a delicious meal together that will lead to team bonding and efficient communication. Please note, this format may incur rental fees for necessary equipment.

In either format, each team member will leave with a list of simple, wholesome recipes to take home and enjoy. We will take care of the ingredients, materials, chef, and recipes. The only thing you and your team have to do is provide the space, and then show up ready to cook, learn, and eat!

Not only will utilizing our workshop help to enhance employee satisfaction and well-being, but it will also aid our mission in continuing to provide nutritional workshops and food deliveries to our nonprofit partners in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Each workshop fee supports our broader Plenty program, which provides the food insecure individuals Lovin’ Spoonfuls serves with the tools and culinary know-how to feed themselves and their families.

Please contact Cathy Pedtke for inquiries or to sign up your team today!