Education & Advocacy

As we’re working to meet an immediate need for fresh, wholesome food, we’re also committed to collaborating with others (like community members, business leaders, and elected officials) to raise awareness of and support for longterm solutions that address wasted food, food insecurity, and the climate emergency.

Some ways we do this are:

  • Learning from our Community Advisory Board about challenges and opportunities related to food access in different parts of our service area;
  • Participating actively in coalitions working on issues like food waste reduction, hunger, and climate;
  • Presenting to school and community groups, corporate groups, and conferences;
  • Teaching people how to maximize the food they have in order to eat well and waste less;
  • Keeping our community informed of opportunities for action through our Advocacy Updates;
  • And more!

Take action

Pledge to Waste Less

Complete Spoonfuls’ pledge and commit to reducing your wasted food footprint! After finishing the pledge, we’ll send you our Personal Wasted Food Audit tool to help you identify additional areas where you can make a change to waste less, and our Advocacy Toolkit with additional resources.

Read Our Advocacy Priorities

These are the areas we’re focused on now.

Want to get more involved in advocacy yourself?

Access our Advocacy Toolkit specially designed for people who want to speak out for change.

Other Ways to Get Involved

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