Lovin’ Spoonfuls is dedicated to facilitating the rescue and distribution of healthy, fresh food that would otherwise be discarded. Lovin’ Spoonfuls works efficiently to deliver this food directly to the community organizations and resources where it can have the greatest impact. Lovin’ Spoonfuls is committed to addressing the health, environmental, and economic impact that food waste has on our community.

what we do

We pick up wholesome, fresh food that would otherwise be thrown away from grocery stores, produce wholesalers, farms and farmers markets, and distribute it to community non-profits that feed Greater Boston’s hungry.

Watch a video produced by Katy Jordan and hear from former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern, and Boston area chefs on what we do, how we do it, and why it’s so important!

Spoonful by spoonful and truckload by truckload, we can do our part to get wholesome, fresh food to the people who need it most. We are an organization committed to serving our community and doing our part to make sure that those who are hungry are fed. There IS enough food out there – let’s go get it!


how we’re doing it

We are working to bridge the gap between abundance and need. We fill in the gap by providing fresh, healthy foods to our neighbors who need it most. We are joining a national conversation about food waste, food rescue, and healthier giving and doing our best to make sure Boston contributes to a nation-wide effort of better eating AND better giving.

Our process: food rescue and direct distribution

Direct Distro Graphic - 2014 (2)

Every weekday, our four drivers set out in refrigerated trucks to pick up excess food from grocery stores, farms, and farmers markets and make scheduled deliveries to our nonprofit partners including homeless shelters and soup kitchens such as Pine Street Inn, Boston Rescue Mission, and Haley House as well as other social assistance agencies such as Respond and Community Servings.

plenty, our culinary & nutritional education program

Through Plenty, Lovin’ Spoonfuls will provide our beneficiaries and those they serve with the education, tools and know-how they need to store, prepare and further utilize the food that we deliver to them. The primary goals include fresh, resourceful preparation and the simultaneous efficiency and minimization of kitchen waste and excess. Plenty is supported by BNY Mellon/The Alice P. Chase Trust.

At Lovin’ Spoonfuls, our mission is to reduce avoidable food waste. Since 2010, our focus has been connecting excess food with those who are unable to access fresh, healthy food – with particular attention to a model of distribution. With constant improvements and progress, we’ve digitized our inventory system and created a niche logistical model – allowing us to have greater impact. The next phase of our work, naturally, is to continue extending the ‘life’ of food, and create opportunities for peripheral impact. Food is a natural multiplier, and as an organization we have a wealth of support offering tremendous opportunity. This program, in line with our values and founding principles, connects our culinary support system to our beneficiaries offering:

  • Cooking demonstrations with recipes that promote healthy & efficient preparation
  • Food storage demonstrations, tips and education
  • Nutritional seminars for cooks, social service centers, and individuals
  • Food recovery / waste minimization tips & education
  • Informational cards highlighting nutrition information, storage and preparation tips, and recipes, for lesser known produce
  • Money-saving strategies for whole ingredient cooking: i.e. chicken bones, shellfish shells, vegetable scraps for soups and broths, repurposing day old bread to casseroles / stuffings etc, learning to use stems & greens of different vegetables for sauces, and more opportunities to use whole foods

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