Jeremy Sewall


Q: What made you want to get involved with Lovin’ Spoonfuls?
A: It seems like a simple way to make a big impact.  How can we know that there is so much waste and not try to make the need and demand meet.

Q: How has your involvement with Lovin’ Spoonfuls affected your outlook on food and hunger in Boston? What did you experience while hauling with us?
A: I like to think I am a very frugal chef, so not too much is wasted.  Learning that there is so much good and healthy food being wasted,  it makes me really think about how easy it is to get that food to people who really need it. Hauling made me realize it was more then just picking stuff up and dropping it off.  I could see that we are dramatically helping people that just need to eat.

Q: When did you know you wanted to feed people for a living?
A: When I learned how to make French fries for my friends and I made everyone happy.

Q: What’s your go-to fave food? What do your your wife and kids like you to cook for them?
A: My fav go to food is definitely Chinese take out… at home its Lisa pasta with pesto. I almost never cook at home, when I do it usually grilled cheese.

Q: As someone so committed to helping Spoonfuls build the bridge between abundance and need, what do you want people to know about our work?
A: I’d want to do this even if I was a truck driver.  I am lucky that I am in a position to help, but I do it because it just make sense.

Chef/Owner – Lineage Restaurant –

Executive Chef, Eastern Standard Kitchen –

Chef/Partner, Island Creek Oyster Bar & Row 34 –