Jamie Bissonnette

Q&A Q: What made you interested in Lovin’ Spoonfuls? A: Initially I was introduced to Lovin’ Spoonfuls through Patrick Macguire, of www.servernotservant.com.  After taking with Ashley I was hooked.  Her passion is motivating. Q: What was your reaction to the amount of food wasted each year, food that could feed millions of hungry people? How […]

Jack Nolan

Q&A Q: How long have you been with Pine Street Inn? A: I have been working at Pine Street for a total of 8 years:  5 years as the Clothing Coordinator in our Clothing Department, and 3 years as the Acquisition & Distribution Manager in the Food Service Department. Q: What’s your biggest obstacle with […]

Odessa Deffenbaugh

BIO Odessa Deffenbaugh is the Director for Shelter, Support and Prevention services at CASPAR Inc. She is long time public health advocate, writer and mom. Q&A Q: How/why did you become involved with Lovin’ Spoonfuls? I was contacted by a Lovin’ Spoofuls staff person and we set up a meeting! Q: Why does Boston need […]

Skip Bennett and Shore Gregory

BIOS Skip Bennett Owner & Founder, Island Creek Oysters Skip Bennett is an artisan. He looks at oyster farming as both aquaculture and art. On the farm, folks equate him to a winemaker, planting and caring for his oysters as a viticulturist would with grapes. Fans of Island Creek Oysters know that on any given […]

Scott Bailey

BIO Scott Bailey is the Director of Partnerships at MassChallenge. Scott is in charge of annual fundraising, building new partnerships and helping the CEO to investigate new expansion initiatives. Scott plays a critical role in the day-to-day operations of the accelerator program and competition. He connects finalists with top-tier stakeholders, partners and sponsors. After graduating […]

Jim Buckle

BIO Farmer Jim has been working on and managing organic farms for 15 years and would not give it up for the world.  He feels that organic agriculture can make a powerful difference in our environment, our health and the stability of a community.  His newest venture is a farm he purchased in Dighton Massachusetts, […]

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